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Friday, March 31, 2017

Depression and anxiety are signs of struggle, not weakness

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Emotional problems are not a choice, and no one wants to go through a depression or go through moments of anxiety. They can simply arise after a period of accumulating complicated situations and circumstances.

There is a false belief that anxiety and depression are signs of weakness and incapacity for life. But no, a person with anxiety, depression or mixed symptoms is NOT crazy or weak, weak or inferior.

It is sad and exhausting to fight with this, but it is a social reality that we can not ignore. Thus, despite the advances of science, the modern unconscious that envelops our society still thinks that emotional and psychological problems are synonymous with fragility and vulnerability.

That is why, since depression and anxiety are not seen as wounds that need attention, it is common to hear circular speeches with arguments such as "relax", "is not so much", "begins to espabilar, life is not this "," You have no reason to cry "," begins to mature ", etc.

They ring us, right? In fact, it is probable that at some point we have been executioners or victims of this type of speech. That is why it is crucial to carry out an awareness exercise and give emotional pain the importance it has.

So, just as we would not think of ignoring the pain that causes severe stinging in the stomach or a great migraine, we should not miss the emotional pain.

We can not let these emotional wounds heal simply, but we must work on them and extract the meaning of their symptoms.

That is, we must go to a psychologist who helps us and provides strategies to deal with that great emotional pain generated by anxiety and depression.

Following our example, just as we stop consuming lactose if we discover that we are intolerant, we must "stop consuming" those thoughts and circumstances that infect our emotional wound.

Bandages or patches are not worth: we must clean and clean them.

That is why in this article we try to normalize those feelings of people who suffer emotional problems of this type. Let's see more about this to understand and raise awareness ...

Anxiety, a Nefarious Journey on a Roller Coaster
The feelings that we suffer with the anxiety are very similar to those that are generated in the trip of a roller coaster in which we begin to find us wrong.

Let's put ourselves in position. We went to spend the day at an amusement park in which there is an appetizing roller coaster in which we decided to ride. To do this we have to wait for a large line until our turn comes.

The day is hot and the sun is striking strongly in our head, which causes us great pain and physical discomfort.We feel tired and we do not feel like climbing the wagon, but we do, because we are there to enjoy.

Once we get up our heart begins to throb, everything revolves around us, the wagons turn 360º several times, we submerge in dark tunnels and the balloons seem to attack us.

Our breathing is accelerated and our heart can not stop. We feel that from moment to moment it will give us something. Our sensations are disordered, something imprisoned in our chest, we remain motionless and unresponsive.

We can not avoid thinking negative. We scream, we cry and we complain, but nobody hears us, not even us. We desperately asked to stop and felt die in the attempt.

However, we do not get our wagon to brake, as this will only stop when the minutes that were scheduled for the trip pass.

In this sense, an anxiety attack is just like an unlucky trip on a roller coaster. It is going to stop, but we do not know when or how, so keeping control of that uncertainty is complicated.

Depression, darkness of the soul
Those who suffer from depression feel that everything is wrapped in darkness. Little by little, he loses his enthusiasm for what surrounds him, there is nothing that encourages or motivates him, has difficulty studying or going to work and is immensely sad or irritable.

Depression is the drop that fills the glass, a glass that is up to the top of complicated situations and circumstances that have made a dent in us and that dislocate us.

That is why it is important that, once we realize that something is wrong, we turn to a professional who supports us and gives emotional coherence to what happens to us.

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