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Saturday, April 1, 2017

The role of mind in autoimmune diseases

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Autoimmune diseases remain a mystery to science. So far their symptoms and their development are known but ignored what produces them and most of them can be treated, but not cured.
There are hypotheses about this, but none of them is fully tested. What is known is that the mind plays an important role in these pathologies.

There are relatively well-known autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, 

Fibromyalgia, Type 1 Diabetes, Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, and others are a little less recurrent Guillaime-Barré Syndrome, among others.

• "There is nothing in the mind that has not been in the senses before."


What is unique about autoimmune diseases is the fact they are the result of a body attack on itself. The organism behaves as if the antigens themselves were invading viruses and attacks them. In other words, the recognition system fails to recognize among self and foreign elements. This happens in people who are perfectly healthy and "science" still does not know why.

Science points out that autoimmune diseases are the result of multiple factors, within which genetics play an important role. 

However, so far there is no compelling evidence that this is so. 
On the other hand, it has been proved that the mind has a decisive role in such pathologies, especially in what is the subjective experience that produces the disease.

Currently autoimmune diseases are approached by most professionals as psychosomatic diseases. This means that these are evils that have their origin in the mind and that take shape through the body.
There are different approaches to this. "Some argue that it is an essential inability to verbalize emotions." Others indicate that it is a response that expresses an emotional imbalance. It is also addressed as a "bodily delirium," whose antecedent is depression, or as a response to an insoluble conflict. Illness is an alibi to escape from outstanding problems. Where the sick is his own executioner !!
Whatever the approach, the truth is that the common point is the verification that there are realities that exist in the minds of people and that find a way of manifestation through disease in the body.

Autoimmune diseases set in motion a mechanism of self-destruction. 

It is the body itself that stops recognizing the antigens that belong to it and begins to self-attack, as if what it carries within itself is threatening or dangerous.

The mind is so important in these processes, that even a new discipline has arisen to treat these evils, which is known as psychoneuroimmunology.
Thus, the truth is that autoimmune diseases are not only chronic, they are also incapacitating and can lead a person to death, that happens if the person, instead of rejecting the symptom or disease, heed it. 

Which means ... The symptom is "a visible expression" of an "invisible process" ... it is a signal that makes us stop to make an inquiry. An internal inquiry

What we must eliminate is not the symptom, but the cause .... Therefore, if we want to discover that it points to the symptom, we must not focus on it, but look beyond. 

If man understood the greatness and dignity of disease and death, he would see the ridiculousness of combating it. 
The disease indicates that the individual Has ceased to be in equilibrium, his mind or consciousness in order or harmony, ... this loss of internal balance 

The symptom tells us that something fails ... 
The symptom is how the teacher helps us to understand our knowledge, a teacher who It will get harsh if we refuse to learn the hardest lessons ...
Studies suggest that people with this type of illness usually have a high level of depression, but this is not always obvious. In other words, it may even be someone who is smiling and vital, but deep down there is a great dissatisfaction that, generally, he himself does not recognize.
Another of the frequent features is a certain inability to recognize one's own emotions. Either because of an excessive intellectualization or rationalization of the situations or because they are people who want to have everything under control and experience the affections as threats to their autonomy.

Autoimmune diseases are insidious and noticeably impair quality to life. They are often painful, difficult to assimilate and unpromising. The worst thing is that those who suffer from it go to the doctor for answers and, in general, only find silence and palliative, not always effective, for their suffering. 
Medicine avoids the "interpretation" of the symptom and with it the "signal" what it means ...

Although this has been rethinking, the West has imposed the idea that mind and body are disconnected and sometimes even conflicting realities. However, it is increasingly clear that health and well-being are integral concepts, in which the physical plane as much as the mental plane is as important.

The way out for a person with an autoimmune disease is precisely to stop believing that it is a pill, a vitamin or some miracle doctor that will restore their health.

It is not that you should not go to these solutions, but that your basic treatment must have the intervention of a mental health professional.
All diseases have an emotional and mental component involved, but in autoimmune this factor is absolutely decisive.
Resistance to treating their illness as a psyche is surely the fundamental reason why they find no relief for their physical suffering and even cure themselves.
A resistance that is born of the mistaken idea that the one who suffers a disease with a mental base is because it is not strong enough and is based on an even more misleading idea: this pain is an invention of the patient.

EXAMPLE OF THE AUTO: if we are driving a car and it turns on a light that the car is raising the temperature ... what we do .. ??? We do not give importance ... because the car will end up being destroyed .... The logical thing is that we stop, and observe what is happening ... so that it is not destroyed ...

The symptom or illness is a light .. that must stop us to observe beyond what we see.

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